Welcome to Solvento

We are a premier Solutions Provider in the areas of Data Analytics, Data Management with Governance, Enterprise Transformation Services, and Technology Infrastructure. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on being a Services First Solution Provider in order to provide unmatched value to our clients. We provide end to end services, which include consulting & design, build & implement, manage & support, and train and recruit.

Our team of experts will work with you to elevate your business in order to reach new heights. We achieve this through modernizing your work force, your processes and applications, your analytics and data solutions, and your technology infrastructure. Together, we can offer Filipinos a better future, and bring the Philippines onto the world stage.

History and Affiliations

Solvento Philippines, Inc. (Solvento) was established in 2005 in partnership with Solventosoft, which is based in Taiwan. It is a part of the Solvento Technology Group, which also includes Azion Corp. (Azion), a publicly listed IT company in Taiwan. Solvento Technology Group has operations and presence in Greater China and has over 500 employees.

Solvento was launched as a focused consulting and services company to leverage Filipino Talent in the delivery of world class technology solutions using best practice and a practical approach. Today, Solvento has grown to become a premier Solution Provider. Its services first approach and depth, its track record, and its range of capabilities have made Solvento a key partner to its clients and technology principals.  

Solvento also counts the following as strategic partners, Red Bottle Inc. (Managed Services, HR Services for IT), Z-Lift Solutions, Inc. (Advanced Analytics and Data Science) and Insightspedia, Inc. (Online Market Research and Bespoke Market Research Solutions). They complement Solventos offerings and thus provide clients with an even wider breadth of specialized capabilities.